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Cheese Curds, 3/25: NFL is accused of under-reporting concussions & fires back at New York Times

Today's curds feature a look at accusations made against the NFL and the league's quick, scathing response.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Discussion about the link between football and head injuries continues to boil, and this week the NFL and New York Times find themselves at odds with each other.  Each one is now accusing the other of misrepresenting the facts - the newspaper accusing the league of failing to report concussion numbers appropriately and the league saying that the paper is making false claims.

Simply put, this is an ugly battle, and the discussion about head injuries will continue to rage on.

Meanwhile, where the Green Bay Packers are concerned, we find an update on the team's star defensive player, the team's salary cap room, and a scouting report on one of our favorite tight end prospects. Enjoy!

GM with full authority has produced most success for Packers |
Between Vince Lombardi and Ron Wolf, the Packers had no dedicated GM - the head coach made the personnel decisions, which was catastrophic in many cases.

Clay Matthews' return to OLB likely means end of signal-calling duty - ESPN
This is assuming that Matthews does indeed shift back outside; it's possible depending on how the draft goes that the Packers may still need him inside at times.

Packers have $13 million in cap room after James Starks deal |
With the rookies only using up about $1.75 million because of the Top 51 rule, that means Green Bay should have about $11.5 million remaining.

Niners' Hyde altered offseason routine to prep for Chip -
Eddie Lacy isn't the only running back dropping weight - San Francisco's Carlos Hyde is trying to get down to 220 from 235 or so in order to function better in Chip Kelly's faster-paced offense.

Tyler Higbee, TE WKU | PFF Scouting Report
An APC favorite, Higbee would be the deep middle threat that the Packers need from the tight end position and can continue to grow into his frame and as a blocker over a few years.

The NFL's all-inclusive concussion research left out at least 100 concussions -
A piece in the New York Times accuses the league of reporting incomplete data as well as soliciting advice on their strategy from the tobacco industry.

NFL statement on New York Times' concussion research story -
As one would expect, the league denies any connection to the tobacco industry and is fully denying any wrongdoing. Make your own conclusions.