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Cheese Curds, 3/29: Discussing the impact of Jared Cook's signing with the Packers

Green Bay's big (and probably only significant) free agent signing is being praised by numerous sources, as it holds little risk for the franchise both in 2016 and in the long term.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was about as exciting as it gets for Green Bay Packers fans during the free agent season, at least in most years. Sure, the signing of tight end Jared Cook did not quite have the shock value of the Julius Peppers deal two years ago, but it certainly seems to have a large proportion of Packers fans excited.

For those who still think that Cook is not worth his modest price tag due to his hands of stone, today's curds have some reasons to at least accept the signing, since it's a low-risk, high-reward deal. Furthermore, keep in mind that Cook should not eat into Richard Rodgers' red zone snaps - that is of course the area where Rodgers is at his most effective (aside from boxing out on Hail Marys) and the Packers coaches are sure to recognize that. As such, compare Cook's production not to Rodgers' from last year, but to Andrew Quarless' instead; that's the player he will effectively replace from the 2015 roster.

But don't take our word for it. Click around in today's curds and see for yourself.

Jared Cook another low-risk move for Ted Thompson |
As one NFL coach said, "wow, all right, go Ted." This deal, as we discussed on Monday, doesn't hinder the Packers much in terms of the salary cap and is a wise one-year investment in a player whose signing is based heavily on ability and possibility rather than recent production.

Jared Cook signing allows Green Bay Packers' focus to be on inside LB - ESPN
We can all agree that Ted Thompson was never going to reach for a tight end in round one, right? This does not change that line of thinking. He'll still look to focus on the front seven and offensive line as usual, and he'll probably sprinkle in a tight end somewhere in the middle rounds.

If anyone's going to bring out the best in Cook, it's Rodgers |
So says Marc Lillibridge, a former scout for the Packers who is now in the St. Louis media and who covered Cook the past few years. He says that Rodgers "uses his tight end in (the Packers') offense" and that Cook can be a "quality backup, offensive weapon."

New Orleans Saints reach deal with DT Nick Fairley -
This was the other notable signing from Monday, as Fairly joins his third team in three years. He signed a one-year deal, like Cook did, and will hit the market again next spring.

The NFL's crusade to mask the dangers of head trauma looks worse than ever -
Although league exec Jeff Miller acknowledged that "certainly yes" there is a connection between football and CTE, league owners like Jerry Jones and Jim Irsay are toeing the company line and deflecting criticism off onto the research or onto other diseases and substance abuse.