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Cheese Curds, 3/8: Packers Free agency predictions and wish lists, Eagles hit Ctrl+Z

While the Eagles try to start over without Chip Kelly, Green Bay is able to sit back and watch the fireworks before free agency begins.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Let us all take a moment on the eve of free agency to appreciate the fact that Ted Thompson does not get the Green Bay Packers into salary cap and personnel hell. While fans and writers alike may disagree on Thompson's strategies and apparent unwillingness to dip into the free agent market, at least the Packers are not trading away players whom they paid a steep price for just a year ago.

The Philadelphia Eagles are an example of a team going through a major purge. On Monday, Philly's General Manager, Howie Roseman, worked out deals to trade away three of the linchpins of former coach/GM Chip Kelly's 2015 team, all of whom were acquired last offseason.

Instead, the Packers can sit comfortably, awaiting the start of free agency with about $20 million in salary cap space, while the Eagles blow up their team.

Clay Matthews won't be easy to replace inside |
Speaking of coverage linebackers, Matthews' move back outside is a primary driver for that move. However, it was Matthews' intelligence as much as his athleticism that made him effective in the middle.

Packers special teams coach Ron Zook knows what Lovie Smith faces - ESPN
As the head coach at Illinois, Zook's teams struggled on the field, suggesting that it was at least in part due to issues off the field. Smith is entering a situation with a new athletic director, however, which might be a sign that the climate is changing in Champaign.

A 5-step guide to Packers free agency |
Ryan Wood thinks a successful free agency period for the Packers involves shelling out big money for a free agent inside linebacker and tight end, but not signing Matt Forte. Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Predicting the future of all 12 Packers free agents |
How many of these 12 predictions do you agree with? Personally, I'm sitting at about 8.

Eagles to trade Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso to the Dolphins, per report -
Step one of the "undo Chip Kelly's craziness" plan is to get rid of one of his big free agent signings and the player whom he received when he traded Philly's star running back last offseason.

Titans to acquire RB DeMarco Murray from Eagles -
Step two is to unload Murray, whose contract is absurd and who never seemed to be happy in Philly in the first place, despite that big deal.