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Cheese Curds, 3/9: Free Agent deals can finally be signed this afternoon

It's been a long two days of negotiations, but all of the deals reported since Monday can be made official later today.

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The Green Bay Packers made more waves regarding other teams' free agent players yesterday than they have during the free agency negotiation period in quite a while. Of course, most of that news revolved around former Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte.

Ted Thompson's standard operating procedure of ignoring the funny money that gets thrown around in the first few days of free agency looks like a strategy he will employ once again this year, as the Packers have not been connected to any rumors of big deals as of yet. As a result, expect little to no news involving Green Bay when the 4:00 Eastern deadline arrives and the new league year begins.

At that time, all of these deals that have reportedly been agreed upon by agents and teams can become official. The signings should roll in quickly after that, and though we will keep an eye on them, we doubt that there will be any big contracts handed out by Thompson and company.

In today's curds, we'll take a final look at free agency before it opens this afternoon. To keep track of Wednesday's rumors, signings, and other events that involve the Packers and the NFC North, click here.

Packers in no hurry to do business before free agency starts |
It's interesting that at least one agent takes the position that "Green Bay ignores free agency" entirely, especially given Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson's public comments to the contrary.

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Corners are very scheme dependent, especially when the conversation involves the Seattle Seahawks' Cover 3. Players going or leaving Seattle have tended to struggle in their new digs, but that situation is hardly limited to the Seahawks.

Lamar Miller to Texans? RB market heating up -
The current rumors have Miller in Houston, Chris Ivory in Jacksonville, and Doug Martin...well, we still don't know where Martin is going, but it looks like he will not be staying in Tampa.

Dolphins reach agreement on 2-year deal with Mario Williams -
At least Williams was able to sign right away since he was released by the Bills; most of the deals that were reported yesterday are technically illegal under the CBA, since teams and agents are not supposed to formally agree on anything.

After childhood homelessness, James Jones doesn't fret over free agency - ESPN
Sure, Jones is a little disappointed with the uncertainty over his future, but he does not let that really bother him. After all, it's nothing compared to the uncertainty he faced as a kid.

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Cliff Christl gives us two massive paragraphs on the Packers' passing history, but finds that for about half of the franchise's seasons, it had a Hall of Famer or future Hall of Famer as the leading passer.