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Cheese Curds, 4/1: Could Packers draft for offense in first round?

An offensive tackle and wide receiver are finding themselves in the discussion for Green Bay's first round pick at the end of this month.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The general stance among Green Bay Packers fans this offseason is that the team will end up drafting the best player available on the defensive front seven when Ted Thompson makes the team's first selection at pick #27 on April 28th. While that strategy still makes sense, given the lack of depth at inside linebacker and defensive line as well as the expiring contracts coming up at outside linebacker, there is still a decent possibility that they could end up drafting a player on the offensive side of the ball instead.

That possibility is discussed heavily in today's Cheese Curds, where we find a pair of offensive players at different positions who could be in the mix for Thompson at 27. Both would help solidify the depth at their positions, but the first-year impact of the two players would likely be very different. We will still be a bit surprised if either of them are available and instead expect Thompson to draft defense in round one, but it's an interesting thought experiment.

Packers have starting tackles, but Conklin could offer insurance |
If the Michigan State prospect falls to 27, the Packers could consider him to be a backup at both tackle and guard as well as a potential heir to David Bakhtiari if they would be unable to re-sign him next offseason.

Josh Doctson has everything an NFL team should want in a receiver -
Doctson is quietly a big draft crush for a few APC writers. Although the Packers appear to have a full stable of receivers when all are healthy, the TCU product might be the best option at 27 and would likely be an excellent fit in Mike McCarthy's offense.

Challenge for NFL coaches: 'Adapt or die' |
Six NFL coaches have been with their current team since before the 2010 season, and five of them have won Super Bowls - Mike McCarthy included, of course. Only Marvin Lewis is the outlier.

Packers have made gains on injuries under Mike McCarthy's new plan - ESPN
Speaking of adapting, it was two years ago that McCarthy instituted new programs geared towards keeping the Packers healthier. We have often cited Football Outsiders' "Adjusted Games Lost" formula to cite that the Packers were one of the most-frequently injured teams in the NFL from 2010 through 2013. However, in both 2014 and 2015, Green Bay was in the the top ten for fewest AGL.

Green Bay Packers offer Youth Football Coaching School June 5 |
Want to improve your skills in coaching up youth football players? Get yourself over to Lambeau Field and the Don Hutson Center in two months.

Terrance Knighton signing one-year deal with Patriots -
One of the last free agents who might have fit in Green Bay, Pot Roast is now off the market and headed to New England.

Let's finish off today's curds with one of the most completely ridiculous comments we have ever seen on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's forums, brought to us as always by the legendary @JSComments:

Seriously, what is that person even thinking? That's just crazy.

Enjoy your April 1st, folks.