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Packers Offseason Workouts 2016: OTA and minicamp schedule, dates, and times

The NFL released the dates for its teams' offseason practices, and Green Bay will start their program on April 18th.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers and the NFL announced the dates for their offseason workout programfor the 2016 season, a program which includes Organized Team Activities and the team's mandatory minicamp.

The Packers typically ensure full attendance at these events through the implementation of workout bonuses in veterans' contracts. Those bonuses range from a minimum of $10,000 (on tight end Richard Rodgers' contract) to a maximum of $500,000, which is the bonus that will be paid out to Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Sam Shields, Jordy Nelson, and Julius Peppers.

In the offseason program, no pads are allowed during practices. Furthermore, only strength and conditioning activities are allowed in the first phase of the program, which lasts for two weeks following its start.

UPDATE (May 2): The Packers have announced the open practices for OTAs and minicamp, as well as the schedule for rookie minicamp. Those dates are now included below.

Offseason Workout Program

  • Begins April 18th

As discussed above, players can only work on strength and conditioning activities during the first two weeks. On May 2nd, "Phase Two" of the offseason begins, which will allow for individual and special teams drills, but not team or "matchup" drills such as one-on-one pass-rush or coverage drills. No helmets are allowed at all until OTAs begin.

Rookie Minicamp

  • May 8-9

Organized Team Activities

  • May 23, 24, 26 (open practice May 24)
  • June 1-3 (open practice June 2)
  • June 6-9 (open practice June 6)

During OTAs, live practices are allowed with helmets, but no pads.


  • June 14-16 (open practice every day)

Minicamp is run much the same as OTAs, with the only difference being that teams may make it mandatory for veteran players. For the Packers, though, it should make little difference due to the workout bonuses mentioned earlier. The Packers' minicamp practices are all open to the public; however, in recent years they have practiced on just two of the three days, with the third day being used for "team-building" activities.