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Cheese Curds, 4/14: 2016 NFL Schedule is announced tonight

Thursday will be bookended with big news - the top pick was traded this morning and the league's schedule is released this evening.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, we learned when the NFL's 2016 schedule would be announced. With that set to be released on Thursday evening, we thought that the NFL media would be eagerly awaiting that news and that the rest of the day would be pretty quiet.

Boy, were we wrong.

Instead, this morning started off with a bombshell, as the Titans announced that they traded the top pick in the draft to the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams now end up on the opposite end of a lopsided draft trade, flipping the script from the situation they were in back in 2012, when they moved back to allow Washington to take Robert Griffin III.

Still, as far as the Packers are concerned, this will not affect them much. They are scheduled to play the Titans in Nashville this season, however, and we will find out when that game will take place tonight.

NFL to announce 2016 regular season schedule Thursday -
The league announced on Wednesday evening when they will announce the 2016 schedule. Ignoring the announcement-within-an-announcement, keep your eyes peeled at about 7 PM CT tonight.

Packers' Datone Jones: 'Aaron Rodgers is a genius' -
Jones marveled at his quarterback's abilities, both with his arm and between his ears. Although his Celebrity Jeopardy! victory hints at his intelligence, it doesn't tell the whole story of just how cerebral Rodgers is.

John Kuhn, Mike Neal still on the street with Packers' offseason work to start - ESPN
Neal is the biggest surprise to me, especially since he has visited multiple other teams this offseason. If the draft comes and goes and he remains unsigned, it would not surprise us if he does end up back in Green Bay on a one-year deal.

Five questions that the draft may answer for the Packers |
In answering one of these questions, Rob Reischel predicts that Ted Thompson will trade up in the draft to get Alabama's Reggie Ragland. This writer is extremely skeptical of that prediction.

Drafting another QB not out of the question |
Although Mike McCarthy is said to be very high on reserve QB Ryan Williams, he's a recent addition to the roster and he always likes to carry four quarterbacks during the offseason. Our bet is the Packers add one late in the draft or as an undrafted free agent.

Patriots release Dominique Easley in stunning move -
This is a bit of a bizarre move, as Easley played extremely well when he has been on the field. However, getting on the field has been a challenge for him both at the college and NFL levels.