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Packers Schedule 2016: Opponents set, schedule to be released at 7 PM CT

Get ready to start making travel plans tonight, but we already know who is on Green Bay's schedule for next season.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers and the other 31 NFL teams will finally learn their 2016 schedules tonight. However, based on the NFL's schedule rotation, we already know the teams whom the Packers will play against and whether those games will be at Lambeau Field or at the opponents' home stadiums.

Of course, the Packers will play each of their NFC North rivals twice each, once at home and once on the road. This year's divisional rotation also means that the NFC North teams will match up against the NFC East and the AFC South. The final two teams are decided by the final NFC standings - the Packers finished second in the North in 2015, so they will play the franchises that finished second in the NFC West and NFC South. That leaves the Seahawks, who come to Green Bay for the second straight year, and the Falcons.

Here are the Packer's opponents this season, where the games will be played, and the records of each opposing team. It means very little for 2016, but the Packers' schedule is the easiest of any NFL team based on their opponents' combined win/loss record from 2015.

Opponents By Division

NFC North Opponents

Minnesota Vikings (home, away) (11-5)
Detroit Lions (home, away) (7-9)
Chicago Bears (home, away) (6-10)

NFC East

Washington (away) (9-7)
Philadelphia Eagles (away) (7-9)
New York Giants (home) (6-10)
Dallas Cowboys (home (4-12)

AFC South

Houston Texans (home) (9-7)
Indianapolis Colts (home) (8-8)
Jacksonville Jaguars (away) (5-11)
Tennessee Titans (away) (2-14)


Atlanta Falcons (away) (8-8)
Seattle Seahawks (home) (10-6)