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Cheese Curds, 4/15: 2016 NFL Schedule draws ire, confusion from Packers fans

Despite the well-documented issues with Green Bay's schedule, one NFL writer still thinks it's one of the more "fortunate" setups in the league.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

By now, Green Bay Packers fans reading this article have probably already seen the Packers' 2016 schedule. After all, the NFL makes about as big a deal about its schedule release as it does about the draft or the Super Bowl.

You probably already have had a chance to parse through it and identify the unfortunately early week 4 bye week or the bizarre 4-game homestand followed by a 3-game road trip. In today's curds, we find that the reactions from most Packers fans tend to fall into a few categories: frustration and confusion. Meanwhile, the Packers' bizarre schedule ends up on one national writer's list of "most fortunate schedules," a sign that this writer did not take all variables into account when deciding on the teams to put on said list.

What are your reactions to the schedule? Will it affect whether or not you make it to Lambeau Field for a game this year?

Green Bay Packers' schedule opens with two straight road games for first time in 92 years - ESPN
Rob Demovsky makes the argument that the Packers' early bye week might actually help them, considering that the team has an extra preseason game this year.

Season-ticket holders mull 'weird' schedule |
Reaction from fans and ticket holders - both Green and Gold package holders - are rolling in, and nobody is particularly happy with the results.

Which teams got the most fortunate schedules? -
Dallas appears to have an easy start and end to their schedule, but somehow the Packers land on this list as well. Our guess is that they only looked at the teams involved, not the bye week or the home/road splits.

2016 NFL schedule leaks reveal Panthers-Broncos rematch to open the season -
We'll get a Super Bowl rematch for the season opener. Excited to see what Denver can do on offense, knowing that they still have no idea who will play quarterback?

The Rams Had Every Reason To Make This Stupid Trade |
Sure, the Rams appeared to make a pretty lopsided trade for the top pick, but in today's NFL, there's at least an argument to be made for it. Now, getting a franchise QB is no sure thing, which is the problem - if they were mortgaging their future for a sure thing it might be worth it, but for only a chance at a true franchise QB? I couldn't pull the trigger on that.

Percy Harvin has reportedly decided to retire -
Hip injuries aside, the more concerning issue for Harvin was probably the migraines that cost him significant time each of the last few years.