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Apparently Aaron Rodgers and Chris Pratt are fishing and grilling buddies

Green Bay's QB is just like you and me - he grills steaks with his buddies. Except some of his buddies are movie stars.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, it seems that some of the Green Bay Packers have gone Hollywood in the past few years. From the appearance that several players made in the film Pitch Perfect 2 to Aaron Rodgers' relationship with actress Olivia Munn, Green Bay's players are certainly making more waves in tinseltown than they had in the past.

So perhaps it's no surprise that Rodgers and star actor Chris Pratt are now buddies. On Monday, Munn posted the below picture to Instagram of those two, bonding over using fire to cook meat. (Pratt is married to Munn's friend Anna Faris, for the record.)

Before you think all is totally well, remember that Pratt is a noted Seahawks fan and has engaged Chris Evans - a Patriots fan who, like Pratt, plays a Marvel Comics superhero - in debates about their teams in the past.

I'm sure that the Packers' week two victory over the Seahawks in 2015 came up at some point while those steaks were cooking.