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2016 NFL Draft Trade: Browns trade #2 pick to Eagles

It's all but certain now that quarterbacks will go 1 and 2 next Thursday.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman
Eagles GM Howie Roseman
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As of this afternoon, both of the top two overall picks in the 2016 NFL Draft have changed hands.

Last week, the Tennessee Titans traded the first pick to the Los Angeles Rams, who sent the Titans a whopping batch of picks to move up from the 15th selection. Today, the Philadelphia Eagles are moving up six spots, from number 8 all the way to the second slot in the draft, which had been occupied by the Cleveland Browns.

The full trade package is here, reported initially by the Eagles themselves:

For the Browns, this is a solid deal, as the team needs to fill multiple holes all across the roster and is a few years away from contending. This year, they get to add picks in the third and fourth rounds, then they swap a fourth-rounder for a first-round pick next year and add a second-rounder two years down the road. This has all the hallmarks of a team that recognizes it is not going to be in the playoff hunt soon, and instead needs to acquire as many solid players as it can.

The Eagles, on the other hand, appear to be eyeing whichever quarterback is left over after the Rams choose between Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Considering they just gave Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel a combined $49 million over the next two seasons (with $32 million of it guaranteed), this seems to be a puzzling move at best.

This should not affect the Green Bay Packers significantly in terms of this year's NFL Draft, and it also will not likely affect them much when they play the Eagles in week 12, since either Bradford or Daniel will likely still be starting.

Just think - we still have eight days to go before the draft begins. The fun is just getting started.