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Packers 2016 Schedule: No travel west of Minneapolis in regular season

Green Bay not only got a seemingly advantageous draw with their extra-divisional matchups, but also get the benefit of light travel in 2016 as well.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers' schedule was released a little over a week ago, along with those of the rest of the NFL's 32 teams, and much of what has been discussed about Green Bay's slate involves the home/road splits and the early bye week.

However, one aspect of the schedule that has not been discussed much is the lack of long road trips that the Packers will take this season.

Putting it into a visual display illustrates this most clearly, as the Packers' twitter account did today:

Looking here, it is easy to see how little distance the Packers will actually have to travel this year. In fact, they do not play a game west of Minneapolis at all in the regular season. The farthest road trip that they have is to Jacksonville, Florida, and that takes place in week one. Even the team's three-game road trip from weeks 10 through 12 involves trips to Nashville, Washington, and Philadelphia - which total roughly 4,600 miles round-trip, only slightly longer than a round-trip to San Diego and back.

So yes, as far as the schedule itself goes, the Packers seemed to draw an easy one due to the draw of the NFC East and AFC South, but their travel schedule makes it seem even more favorable, even despite the week four bye.