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Cheese Curds, 4/28: Draft Day has finally arrived! Who will the Packers pick?

You can put away those round one mock drafts tonight - round one starts in just a few hours!

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Dig your cheesehead out of the closet, throw on your Green and Gold and get yourself ready for tonight, because the 2016 NFL Draft is finally about to get underway! Click over here for the full draft schedule, and make sure to join us here at APC for full coverage of everything Packers-related throughout the next three days.

We begin our Thursday coverage as we do each weekday, with some cheese curds. In today's links we are obviously all about the draft (almost), with predictions, analysis, breakdowns of past picks, and even looks at which schools produce the most first-round busts.

Later on today, we'll publish our final breakdowns of the Packers' greatest needs in the draft, as well as APC's final predictions of who the pick will be if the Packers do not trade out of the 27 spot in round one. Please join us, and we hope you enjoy your Thursday!

Cobb visits patients, urges organ donations |
In the midst of the craziness of the draft, let's remember the players who are already on the Packers' roster and who are doing great things for the community. Randall Cobb is one of those players, and this story is well worth your time.

Packers could target defensive line early in draft |
The Packers' run defense must improve in 2016, and the best way to make that improvement is up front. Thankfully, this will be the final curd that breaks down what the Packers should do in the draft.

Best bet: Packers choose UCLA nose tackle Kenny Clark |
Bob McGinn sees Clark as the best choice out of a group of four prospects that he thinks are reasonable possibilities for the Packers. That group includes DTs Jarran Reed and Vernon Butler and LB Darron Lee - that's right, not Reggie Ragland.

Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson knows how to find OL late in draft - ESPN
The Packers currently have 19 players on their roster who were picked on the third day of the draft - two more than any other NFL team. Is that because of Ted Thompson's unwillingness to give up on his draft picks, or because they're all just that good?

NFL Draft Sleepers to Fill the Packers Need for Speed. | Cheesehead TV
CTV looks at a couple of receivers who could be tall, fast options in the later rounds, as well as one of my favorite day three pass-rushers in the draft: Montana's Tyrone Holmes.

Which college football program is the NFL Draft's real Bust U? -
The questions asked here are looking at only first-round picks since 1990: how many were still in the league after four years, how many were starters for at least three, and how many made the Pro Bowl? It appears that picking a Wisconsin Badger in round one is boom or bust - they are among the teams with the fewest three-year starters, but of the seven players who were, 5 made at least one Pro Bowl.