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Cheese Curds, 4/29: Packers had plenty of options at 27, but Kenny Clark's versatility won out

The fact that Clark can play more than just nose tackle was likely a critical factor in his selection on Thursday night.

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The Green Bay Packers' selection of UCLA defensive tackle Kenny Clark has already been dissected and picked apart thoroughly, even though we are only about ten hours removed from the pick. Still, it's Friday morning, so that's what we are going to continue to do throughout the day until the afternoon when the second round becomes imminent.

There are plenty of reasons to like the Clark pick at 27, not the least of which is the positional versatility that he provides. This is a player who can do much more than simply stop the run, and he is likely to be a factor in the Packers' defensive line rotation on passing downs as well as play in the base defense.

That, plus Clark's wrestling background and athleticism, are probably the biggest reasons why he is now a Packer instead of one of the other defensive tackles who were available when the Packers made their selection. Here's much more on the pick and on day one of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Packers were sitting in a prime spot at 27 |
It was a bit startling to see all the defensive linemen still available on the board when Ted Thompson went on the clock, and the same goes for inside linebackers with both Myles Jack and Reggie Ragland still available.

What scouts are saying about Packers pick |
The consensus on Clark is that he definitely is a fit at nose tackle, and that he wins with leverage and strength, but also has some explosiveness as well and can develop into a rusher in sub packages as well.

Wrestling gave Green Bay Packers draft pick Kenny Clark key traits |
Both Thompson and Clark alike feel that the tackle's background as a wrestler in high school gives him an advantage in understanding those leverage concepts and how they applies on the football field.

Packers 2016 NFL Draft: Round 1 Analysis | Cheesehead TV
The fall of Myles Jack is discussed here, and the Packers' conservative medical staff probably were not comfortable with his knee issues.

After bizarre Instagram posts, Laremy Tunsil seems to agree he took money from coaches -
This was the most ridiculous situation I have seen on Draft day probably ever. First, Tunsil's Twitter account gets hacked right before the draft begins and a video is posted of him taking a hit from a bong. Then, his Instagram account gets hacked and posts text conversations that allegedly show evidence of improper benefits and payments from Ole Miss - which he finds out about during a radio interview.

Chip Kelly's fingerprints all over 49ers' draft picks -
Colin Kaepernick probably stays in San Francisco now, but Kelly added big, physical players in the trenches in DeForest Buckner and Joshua Garnett.