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Cheese Curds, 4/5: Bob Harlan on Eliot Wolf/Ted Thompson; Emmanuel Ogbah is an enigma

What do we make of the athletic but inconsistent pass-rushing specialist from Stillwater?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As the 2016 NFL Draft draws closer day by day, college prospects continue to get picked apart play-by-play and drill by drill. One such player is Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah, who was featured in multiple places on Monday. He is one of the most impressive athletes in this year's class of pass-rushers, but that athleticism does not always translate to the field.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers' plans for the post-Ted Thompson era continue to be discussed, especially in relation to the moves recently made involving Eliot Wolf. He is of course the son of former Packers GM Ron Wolf, and it seems entirely plausible that the team is setting him up to be Thompson's successor - not that the current GM would ever admit to it.

Read on for that and much more in today's curds.

Packers set up Wolf as likely next GM |
This is the prevailing theory about Eliot Wolf's recent promotion, even if the Packers won't say it (in fact, Ted Thompson said that the promotion was not about a succession plan). However, former Packers chairman Bob Harlan definitely sees this as paving the way for Wolf to take over when Ted retires.

What Is Green Bay's Biggest Need? | Cheesehead TV
It's probably not tight end any more - at least not for the short term - so the focus shifts to the defensive front seven. Do you vote for inside linebacker or defensive line?

Prospect Primer: DE Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma State |
Ogbah was an extremely productive player for the Cowboys over the past two years, who racked up an average of 12 sacks.

Trying to figure out Emmanuel Ogbah’s NFL future will make your head hurt -
However, former NFL defensive end Stephen White breaks down more tape on the Oklahoma State pass rusher, and finds that he looks unstoppable on some plays before getting washed out by a blocker on the next.

Packers bringing in prospects for pre-draft visits - ESPN Video
Green Bay focuses their visits on players who would likely be late-round picks or undrafted free agents rather than doing their homework on top prospects. Keep this in mind as we continue to update the reported visit list here.

Browns, Eagles, Niners begin offseason programs -
Teams with new head coaches began their workouts on Monday, two full weeks before franchises who retained their coaches from 2015.