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Cheese Curds, 5/10: Stanford teammates stick together as Packers, McCarthy teaching to rookies

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Green Bay's coaches will teach to the lowest common denominator again this year instead of forcing the rookies to catch up to the veterans.

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The Green Bay Packers' rookie class appears to be an intelligent group, one that is capable of learning and understanding concepts fairly quickly both in the classroom and on the field. However, that apparently did not factor into Mike McCarthy's decision-making process when figuring out how to begin teaching his team the playbook this season.

2015 appears to have been a case of trial and error in that respect, and apparently McCarthy feels that the error part of the equation was too high and so he is going back to his old process.

Meanwhile, the team's rookies appear to be happy to absorb anything and everything they can at this point, and with two weeks to go until Organized Team Activities kick off, they'll be spending plenty of time going over their playbooks and working hard to prepare for their first on-field practices with their veteran teammates.

We've got that news plus much more in today's curds.

Green Bay Packers' Mike McCarthy reverses course on teaching theory - ESPN
Last year, McCarthy changed his philosophy and taught his schemes to his veterans and made the rookies catch up. This year, he's going back to the basics to build from the ground up again after the change did not appear to have the impact he had hoped.

Packers rookie Trevor Davis knows how to get QB's attention |
Davis should be comfortable with the fact that Aaron Rodgers tends not to zero in on a single receiver - after all, that's how his career at Cal went with Jared Goff spreading the ball around a great deal as well.

Kyle Murphy joining longtime teammate in Green Bay |
Murphy and Blake Martinez were part of the same recruiting class for Stanford, and the two often faced off in practice, developing into close friends over time.

Packers trying 'Fake Mangold' at center |
One of the interesting tidbits from rookie camp last weekend was that the Packers lined up guard Matt Rotheram at center.

Aaron Rodgers went to the Kentucky Derby and stuck around to see Randall Cobb graduate -
It was an eventful weekend for Rodgers, who was pumped up to see his receiver accomplish a major life goal.

Adrian Peterson: Vikings can 'win everything' in 2016 -
I suppose if Leicester City can win the Premier League, anything is possible!