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Packers 90-man roster preview: Is Eddie Lacy in the best shape of his life?

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Three members of Green Bay's 2015 backfield had contracts that kept them locked up through at least 2016 including the starting tailback, who has apparently undergone quite a physical transformation this spring.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As Acme Packing Company continues our look at Green Bay's offseason roster, we examine the running backs who return from 2015. Of the five players who ended the 2015 season on the team, three remained under contract through 2016 or beyond, with tailback James Starks and fullback John Kuhn both hitting unrestricted free agency in the offseason. Here's our look at those three returning players, and click over here to see our breakdown of the additions (including re-signings, if applicable) at the position.

#27, Eddie Lacy

5'11", 231 pounds

2015 Rushing Stats: 15 games, 187 carries, 758 yards (4.1 yards per carry), 20 receptions, 188 yards (9.4 yards per reception), 5 TDs, 4 Fumbles

Can Eddie Darwin Lacy once again be the fittest? Lacy was noticeably out of shape for all of 2015, and the resulting lack of production served as a reminder of all that a healthy Lacy brings to the table. Some power backs may not be hurt much by some additional weight, especially in their younger days, but Lacy has always been extremely skilled all facets of the game. When completely healthy and in shape, few backs possess the same combination of power, burst, and elusiveness.

Just two years ago Lacy was among the leaders in forced missed tackles, and he did not simply rely on his ability to bowl people over. If Lacy's offseason has been as productive as the pictures indicate, he may once again be a force out of the backfield, an exceptional blocker in the passing game, and a massive upgrade over the massive 2015 version.

#22, Aaron Ripkowski

6'1", 255 pounds

2015 Rushing Stats: 15 games, 0 carries, 0 yards (0 yards per carry), 1 receptions, 18 yards (18 yards per reception), 0 TDs, 0 Fumbles.

Will this be the year that someone finally "Wally Pipps" John Kuhn? Ripkowski proved his worth as a special teams masher, and with John Kuhn still unsigned as of this writing, it looks like he will finally get a shot in the small part of the offense that uses a fullback. Ripkowski remains an imposing force when he builds up a head of steam. Kuhn was, until recently, much more polished on pass protection, but Ripkowski's superior size, power, and athleticism should vault him ahead of the rapidly declining veteran.

#38, John Crockett

6'0", 215 pounds

2015 Rushing Stats: 2 games, 9 carries, 21 yards (2.3 yards per carry), 0 receptions, 0 yards (0 yards per reception), 0 TDs, 0 Fumbles.

In the 2015 preseason, Crockett showed off impressive agility to go along with his adequate, if pedestrian measurables, but once he got his shot his weaknesses became immediately apparent. Crockett's spastic style may lead to the occasional big play, but it's much more likely to lead him to the wrong hole, or allow defenders time to catch up. It would have been nice to see Crockett involved in the passing game at some point as his skills may translate better to more space, but instead his complete lack of targets is additional cause for concern. He will have an uphill battle to make the roster.

(Editor's note: players who were free agents but who re-signed on new contracts - in this case, James Starks - will be included in the "additions" post later today.)