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Cheese Curds, 5/12: Weird Packers memorabilia, Raiders' move to Las Vegas looks likely

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Tell us what your most ridiculous piece of Green Bay memorabilia is as we remain grateful that our team will not depart for greener (or browner) pastures someday.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers fans are known for being among the most passionate fans in all of professional sports; after all, we are the only fan base who actually owns our team (and pay no mind to fans of other teams who look down on our stock). Therefore, Packers fans should be a great group to ask about their bizarre or hilarious pieces of merchandise that we have of our team.

In today's cheese curds, we'll continue a discussion that started up on Reddit about that very topic. Let us know what your favorite item is in the comments below.

Meanwhile, take a spin around the Packers blogosphere this morning with looks at winners and losers on the Packers roster after the offseason roster moves, Dean Lowry's college career, social media pitfalls, and much more.

Eddie Lacy among the winners after Green Bay Packers' offseason moves - ESPN
Lacy is a winner by default, after the Packers elected not to draft or sign any newcomers at the position (though James Starks was re-signed); the team's offensive tackles and backup wide receivers were not so lucky, though.

Players urged to use caution when using social media |
The fallout from the Laremy Tunsil situation is a reflection of NFL teams' attitudes about social media in general, and several of the Packers' rookies discussed their judicious use of Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

Dean Lowry’s career game says a lot about him |
Lowry recorded six tackles for loss and two sacks in an October game against Nebraska last year in a close win, and he discusses why that day can reflect his game as a whole.

Conversations ongoing between Packers, Kuhn |
This will likely thrill a portion of the fan base and infuriate another group. Personally, I lean towards the latter and am of the opinion that he no longer brings any excess value to the team.

Bret Bielema's got a good idea about underclassmen who go undrafted in the NFL -
Bert wants the NCAA to allow those players to maintain college eligibility. My issue with that (and his argument about players who are drafted lower than they expect) is that they do plenty of research before making their declaration and they know the risks of leaving early.

What's your oddest piece of team merchandise? | reddit
This is hilarious - this Packers fan has a 3D-printed model of an indoor water park signed by LeRoy Butler. The story is definitely worth a read. For me, it's one of these ridiculous "pull-apart stress dolls" that I got in the 90s and had signed by Donald Driver and Ryan Longwell at training camp.

It is time to start taking potential Raiders move to Las Vegas seriously - Silver And Black Pride
Las Vegas' mayor is supportive of the move, and now that Jerry Jones is apparently on board, it's something that looks like it's gaining serious traction.