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Packers have another fan in Hollywood: Jodie Foster

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Didn't think you'd see an actress and a talk show host wearing cheeseheads today, did you?

This is one of the more random and meaningless and silly things you'll read all day about the Green Bay Packers, but Olivia Munn has some company in being a Packers fan in Hollywood. Last night on Conan O'Brien's talk show, actress Jodie Foster was interviewed and discussed her football fandom - specifically being a fan of the Packers.

After a break, Conan even had his prop department dig up a couple of cheeseheads for him and Foster, making the thing on top of his head even more bright orange than usual.

Foster laughed about being a Packers fan despite growing up in Los Angeles, saying that "we didn't really have a team until about five minutes ago" and that she has "cheese everything." She also mentioned that she is a bit of a fickle fan, but we won't hold it against her too much if she keeps wearing Green and Gold.

Check out the interview below.