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Cheese Curds, 5/13: Former Packer Mike Neal is unsigned but May 12 deadline may offer hope

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One current Packer linebacker isn't worried about his job, a former teammate is still on the market, and a new lineman looks to move past an unfortunate incident in his final college season.

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The Green Bay Packers' front seven is in a state of flux as the team begins its offseason work. There are new faces at all positions long the front: the team has added at least one draft pick to each unit as well as a free agent pass-rusher and numerous undrafted free agents. One player who is unfazed by the additions, however, is a veteran inside linebacker who missed most of the 2015 season to injury.

While Sam Barrington looks at the starting job being his on the inside, Mike Neal remains on the outside of the roster looking in thanks in part to the additions at outside linebacker. There seems to be little point to a return to Green Bay now.

One thing that may work in his favor is the fact that the May 12th date has come and gone. After that date, unrestricted free agents who sign with teams no longer count against the compensatory pick calculation. Therefore, a team may bring in a player like Neal with no negative effect on their picks for next year.

Find out about those topics and much more in today's curds.

Green Bay Packers' Sam Barrington: 'I'm comfortable with my game' - ESPN
After losing most of 2015 to injury, Barrington is not concerned or anxious about losing his job to Blake Martinez or anyone else. If anything, he's far more concerned about whether the new players are passionate about football and want to win than whether they will be a threat to his own job.

No Mike Neal deal part of Packers' OLB remodel |
Neal recorded four sacks last year in 750 snaps. Jayrone Elliott had three in 177 plays on defense. While Neal's career and position change a few years ago should be acknowledged and appreciated, the team clearly feels it's time to give his snaps to someone else, perhaps rookie Kyler Fackrell.

Compensatory pick threshold passes for unrestricted free agents | ProFootballTalk
Here's a complete list of remaining free agents who are still on the market but who no longer will count against comp picks as of Thursday.

Packers road game packages ready |
The Packers' official partner for trips to away games has set up their events and trips so you can see the team in action across the eastern time zone.

Packers rookie free agent Brian Price moves past incident |
The defensive tackle shoved a referee away from him during a game as a senior, not knowing who it was. Although he was playing hurt and frustrated by an opponent hitting him after the whistle, he knows that's no excuse for losing his cool and he is grateful to have a chance with an NFL team.

Dirk Koetter will have game-management coach -
At this point, it's a bit of a surprise that every NFL coach does not have somebody dedicated to things like the game clock and challenges.

NFL lets a player put his actual name on his jersey -
The fact that Moritz Böhringer had to get some sort of approval from the league to put his actual name on his jersey says far more about the league than it does about his name.