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Packers Roster Poll: Which of Green Bay's 16 offensive linemen will make the squad?

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Around half of the linemen currently on Green Bay's roster will make the team. Tell us who among the backups has the best shot.

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The Green Bay Packers spent significant resources in the 2016 NFL Draft on upgrading their offensive line. Although they drafted just two players, they used four of their picks to get them, trading away three in a move up to get Jason Spriggs in the second round of the draft.

Between those picks, a pair of re-signings, and a few undrafted free agents, Green Bay now has sixteen offensive linemen on the 90-man roster. Typically, the Packers keep 8 on the 53-man roster during the season, or 9 at the most, which means that behind the five starters, it is likely that no more than four spots are available.

Here's where you come in: tell us what you think the current status of each of the offensive linemen is as of this very moment - prior to OTAs and minicamp. Assume that there will be no injuries for the sake of argument, and keep an eye out for the results. We will post a full breakdown of all poll results for the entire offense on Sunday.

If you have been following these polls all week, this is one in particular that you very well may want to open up in a new window, due to the 16 players at the position. Click here to open the form outside this article.