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Cheese Curds, 5/16: Ted Thompson's background and top Packers rookies of 2016

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Green Bay's GM is viewed as an impressive and admirable person in the area he grew up, and today's curds have a great writeup on his youth.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

Over Ted Thompson's tenure as General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, his actions have driven a large portion of the fan base to love and embrace his front office style, while others insist that he is failing the team by refusing to be more active in free agency. While that debate continues to rage on as the Packers have "only" one Super Bowl ring during his tenure, let's save that for another day.

Instead, today let's take a read through the article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel posted a few days ago profiling Thompson the man instead of Thompson the GM. It's definitely worth a read.

Meanwhile, we have some lists of top rookies, both across the NFL and within the Packers' locker room, and a great examination of a former Packer's college career, in which he played a very different position than the one he manned at the professional level.

'Just one of them fellas that everybody liked' |
The Journal-Sentinel's Michael Cohen does a deep dive into GM Ted Thompson's background and family life, finding a portrait of a young man with a brilliant mind and fantastic athletic ability.

Packers seek speedy recovery for deep game |
Only three teams in the NFL had fewer passes of 40 or more yards last season than the Packers' six. The front office and coaching staff will undoubtedly hope that the additions of Trevor Davis and Jared Cook plus Jordy Nelson's return will add that deep ball aspect back to the passing game.

Projecting top 100 NFL rookies of 2016 -
The Packers get two players on this list. Kenny Clark ranks 45th, but the other one might be a bit of a surprise given his fourth-round draft slot - it's linebacker Blake Martinez who is ranked 67th.

Running back Don Jackson could be best of Packers' undrafted rookies - ESPN
Jackson, DT Brian Price, and WR Geronimo Allison are rated as the top three by one NFL scout, though the two players on offense were voted as unlikely to make the team by APC readers.

Boise State Football: The Pride of Glenns Ferry - Mountain West Connection
Packers fans remember Korey Hall as a fullback who helped pave the way during the team's Super Bowl-winning season in 2010, but the team actually moved him from linebacker, the position where he played his entire college career for Boise State.

There are still some decent players available in NFL free agency -
Mike Neal gets an honorable mention. The Packers have one roster spot open...should they take a flier on a player like Dwight Freeney?

Jarryd Hayne retires from NFL to play rugby in the Olympics -
The former 49ers running back is going back to his rugby roots after just one season in the NFL.