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Cheese Curds, 5/17: Packers preparing for big competition at wide receiver

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Seven wide receivers on an NFL roster? It might not be as crazy as it sounds.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Acme Packing Company, we broke down the wide receiver position for the Green Bay Packers last week. This week that group is getting some more attention from NFL writers all over, and like APC's readers, one of them finds there to be a real possibility that the team could keep seven receivers on the active roster when all is said and done.

It is likely that rookie Trevor Davis is one of the players who will make the roster and he appears to be comfortable in competing for a job. Through transfers and tough position battles in college, he should be ready to go once again this summer.

While those players are fighting for roster spots, there will be plenty of other people doing the same at other positions. One of them, an undrafted rookie cornerback, gets his background profiled in today's curds as well, and we find a few other odds and ends from around the NFL as well.

Packers could be rare team to keep 7 WRs |
The competition at wide receiver should be fierce this season and although it is unusual for an NFL team to keep 7 wideouts on the team, the special teams value that players like Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery have should help them earn a way onto the roster.

Trevor Davis wanted bigger stage, performed on it |
Speaking of competition, the Packers' 5th-round draft pick is no stranger to that. After all, he transferred from Hawaii to Cal for that reason - to compete for a bigger role in a bigger conference.

NFL - Best offseason acquisitions for all 32 teams -
Although the Packers are rarely players in free agency, the vote from ESPN is that the Jared Cook signing was the best move of 2016 so far.

2016 Draft Class NFL Player Comps | Cheesehead TV
This is a fun exercise that leads to some interesting comparisons. Mitchell Schwartz, K.J. Wright, and Travis Benjamin are among the players mentioned here as comparisons for the Packers' draft picks.

Packers rookie Randall Jette hopes to make Martha's Vineyard proud |
The small island off Massachusetts is not a place that traditionally generates NFL talent, but Jette is looking to do his home proud.

The Falcons' cheap food prices are good, but here's how the concessions can be even better -
Domestic beers for $5? At an NFL stadium? What planet is this?

Tyrann Mathieu headed for massive extension -
Apparently the torn ACL that Mathieu suffered is not hurting his contract negotiations, as he has entered into serious talks with the Cardinals about a long-term deal.