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Packers' Trevor Davis will attend NFLPA Rookie Premiere

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Green Bay will have one player in attendance at the annual event, which seems to be limited tightly to players at the most marketable positions.

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The Green Bay Packers did not spend their draft picks in 2016 on what are typically considered "sexy" positions. They did not draft a running back or quarterback, and they selected just one wide receiver, Trevor Davis, and they did so in the fifth round.

Players at those three positions seem to be the most marketable and the most highly-publicized. As such, the NFLPA Rookie Premiere is an event that is typically attended by players who play at those positions. The roster of players for the 2016 version of the event was released on Monday, and only two of the 41 players selected to attend play positions other than quarterback, running back, or wideout.

However, the Packers do have one attendee on the roster, and it's Davis. Therefore, in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Packers are required to allow him to leave the team facility to attend the event, which will be held from May 19 through May 22 in Los Angeles. Therefore, we should get our first glimpse of Davis in a Packers uniform (instead of a practice jersey) sometime this weekend.

Thankfully, however, this should not affect Davis' ability to participate in OTAs, as the first round begins on May 23rd.

Last year's event was attended by Green Bay Packers Brett Hundley and Ty Montgomery, and the event's schedule (May 28-31) cut into their OTA time, as that overlapped with two days of OTA practice. In 2014, Davante Adams represented the Packers at the event, while running backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin attended in 2013.