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Packers Roster Poll: Which outside linebackers are on the bubble in 2016?

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There are few pass rushers near the bottom of Green Bay's 90-man roster, and we ask you to tell us which players are on the bubble.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are likely to have few surprises on their roster when it comes to the outside linebacker position this season. The team has a solid core of veterans, a fairly high draft pick, and a free agent addition all vying to make the roster, along with a single player who was added as an undrafted free agent.

As such, it seems like the players who will make the roster are more or less set, save for one or two battles on the roster bubble. That's where you come in today - tell us which of those players are actually on the bubble and which are assured of a roster spot in our roster poll for the outside linebacker position. As always, examine the position as it stands now - assume no new injuries to any of these players, and assess their chances of making the team as of right now: before OTAs and minicamp.

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