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Packers Roster Poll: Which of Green Bay's inside linebackers will make the team?

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No inside linebacker on Green Bay's roster has more than three years of NFL experience, so which ones will make the 2016 roster?

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

We continue with our roster predictions here at Acme Packing Company with the inside linebacker position today. We broke down the position earlier, looking at the prospective starters in Sam Barrington and Jake Ryan, as well as the rookies who have a shot to make the team and make an early impact.

Now is your chance to tell us which players are going to make the team and which are on the bubble (or are in worse shape) as the team approaches the start of OTAs. As always, remember to make your picks based on how the roster sits as of this moment - assume no new injuries popping up, and assess the roster as it stands before OTAs and minicamp begin.

Which player is the dark horse to make the team? You tell us.

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