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Cheese Curds, 5/18: Martinez already embraces Packers-Bears rivalry, Neal got no contract offer

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One Green Bay linebacker and his family showed that they are invested in his team's biggest rivalry, while a former member of the team talks about his free agent odyssey.

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In today's cheese curds, we find one of the more amusing stories from a Green Bay Packers draft pick that we've heard in a long time. Linebacker Blake Martinez appears thrilled to be a Packer, and his family also seems thrilled for him - from his mom, who predicted that he would land in Green Bay, all the way through.

This week, they showed their newfound Packers fandom in a special way - by getting rid of the Bears gear that they bought in preparation for the draft in a very specific manner.

We've got that and many more discussions about Packers linebackers, old and new, in the curds below.

Green Bay Packers' Blake Martinez pretty sure family burned Bears gear - ESPN
Although the Martinez family gave away the gear that they bought from 30 other teams', one team's stuff ended up in the fireplace. Well done, Martinezes.

Packers rookie Brown, mom overcome loss |
Beniquez Brown and his mother have a remarkably close relationship, and she taught him discipline and devotion - she is without question his biggest fan.

Packers free agent Mike Neal takes uncertainty of NFL future in stride |
Neal's 2016 offseason has seen him take multiple visits to other NFL teams, but has resulted in no contract offers. Here's a Q&A with the former Packers linebacker on his future.

Ringo readying for another run at roster spot |
Last year's 6th-round pick wasn't a Starr last year, failing to make the team out of training camp and spending the 2015 season on the practice squad, but he aims to be on the active roster in 2016 and beyond.

The Packers Collectible Document Debate | Cheesehead TV
I'm in agreement with this take on the new shareholder certificate - nobody is forcing people to buy it, so why be upset about it?

Rams sign Dominique Easley to one-year contract -
Easley's injuries have limited h im in his short NFL career (and even in college), but he finds a landing spot in the great line that the Rams currently have, and should have a chance to play some 3-technique tackle.

Vince Wilfork and his wonderful overalls made a surprise appearance at J.J. Watt's charity softball game -
Watching Wilfork walk up to the plate in a large hunk of denim just made my day.