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Cheese Curds, 5/19: Barrington earns honor for charity work, Packers lead expected win totals

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Great work deserves recognition, and one Green Bay linebacker is getting that recognition for his efforts.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers do a remarkable job of helping out their community. In addition to the team's charitable foundation, numerous players devote their free time to worthy causes in and around Green Bay and back in their hometowns as well.

One such player is linebacker Sam Barrington. A seventh-round pick in 2014, Barrington has developed into an expected starter on the inside of the Packers' defense, but it is his dedication to the community that has been drawing attention from around the NFL lately - today we learned that he will be honored again for his admirable efforts.

Also in today's curds, we find that the Packers are one of the teams that Vegas believes will be the most successful in 2016, we have a look at the loudest assistant coach on the team, and much more.

Packers share top over/under win total |
No other team has a higher over/under number than the Packers, although four other teams join them with 10.5.

Rotheram expanding his game in second season |
Matt Rotheram was strictly a guard in 2015, but he has added duties as a center to his repertoire in an effort to make the team in 2016.

Green Bay Packers TE coach Brian Angelichio shows drive to teach - ESPN
He also apparently has an impressive set of pipes, as he was noted as being one of the loudest coaches at the Don Hutson Center during rookie minicamp.

Linebacker Sam Barrington honored with humanitarian award |
This is a great honor for Barrington, who was the Packers' nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year awared in 2015 as well. He does a ton of charity work for schools and children, especially in the Green Bay area, which is a big reason for these honors.

5 NFL players who have 1 year to prove they're worth big money -
Two of the players on this list are Packers - Nick Perry and Jared Cook both show up here.

Carson Palmer 'addicted' to reaching Super Bowl -
That's an interesting choice of words, Mr. Palmer.