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Cheese Curds, 5/2: Recapping Packers' Draft class & strange moments this weekend

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The 2016 NFL Draft was not without its bizarre events, with Myles Jack's knee and Laremy Tunsil's social media accounts leading the way.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft has finally come and gone, and with it, we can stop reading 2016 Mock Drafts and start obsessing over 2017 versions.

Just kidding. Maybe.

One thing seems certain from this weekend - the Green Bay Packers prioritized size and the trenches in this draft class. That is about all that was certain though, as the draft was filled with oddities, craziness, and downright bizarre events that affected players' landing spots and, in some cases, cost them millions of dollars.

Myles Jack is one such player who saw a precipitous drop, falling all the way out of round one due to concerns about his knee. In fact, he was drafted after Notre Dame's Jaylon Smith, despite Smith essentially needing a medical redshirt year in 2016.

Check out that and much more on the Packers' draft class and strategy in today's curds below.

Packers wanted big guys and got big guys |
The Packers got two players for each of the offensive and defensive line, and only one of their seven picks was for a player who plays outside the box.

Assessing the potential impact of the Packers' draft picks |
One columnist thinks it's "astounding" that the Packers did not pick a player from the SEC, given the success of their recent picks from that league. Apparently he did not read this post about how the Packers have no particular affinity for any specific conference.

Green Bay Packers' Mike McCarthy fine with not adding GM to duties - ESPN
This is nice to hear, considering the desire for GM duties was why the Packers last Super Bowl-winning coach left and the execution of those duties was a major reason for the downfall of McCarthy's predecessor.

Myles Jack learned he wouldn't need surgery a day after losing millions at the NFL Draft -
Ouch - Jack found out on Friday that he doesn't need microfracture surgery. If that were known on Thursday, would the Packers have taken the UCLA linebacker instead of his teammate Kenny Clark?

The Dolphins traded for their own pick, and it’ll make your head hurt -
This actually isn't as crazy or rare as it seems. The Packers did it back in 2012, trading away the 163rd pick to the Patriots as part of a package to move back up into round two, and then trading back for it again to draft linebacker Terrell Manning.

Jerry Jones regrets not overpaying to get Paxton Lynch -
Go ahead and try to imagine Ted Thompson saying something like this. You can't do it, can you?

Deadline for fifth-year option for 2013 first-rounders -
Remember that today is the last chance for the Packers to use the 5th-year option on Datone JonesIt's highly unlikely that they do, as we wrote a week ago, but is still worth keeping an eye on.