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Cheese Curds, 5/20: Dean Lowry's Illinois roots give him different take on Packers-Bears

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Growing up in Illinois will make you confused as a kid. What's important is that Dean Lowry is a Packer now.

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers landed a player in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft who has spent most of his live in the state of Illinois, cheering for the Chicago Bears. You can forgive him for it - he didn't know any better, growing up in Rockford and playing his college football at Northwestern, just north of Chicago.

That is all over now.

While one of his new teammates embraced the hatred of Chicago's NFL team almost instantly Dean Lowry won't be quite as quick to write off his former favorite team. But make no mistake - he is a Packer through and through now, as he has always held a deep respect for the organization

Check out that and much more in today's curds here.

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Packers' Dean Lowry savors new view of rivalry |
Yesterday we talked about how Blake Martinez's family burned the Bears gear that they bought in case he was drafted by aren't likely to get that kind of a response from Lowry's family, who live in Rockford, Illinois. Lowry admitted that he was more of a Bears fan growing up, but that all changed on April 30th.

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Congrats, Mr. Klatt. You win the "most ridiculous fan take of the spring" award.

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Can you imagine dedicated sections only for kids 12 and under? That existed from Lambeau Field's first season in 1957 (when it was called City Stadium) all the way through until 1984.

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OHHHHH. When you put it in that context, the rumors about the Raiders moving to Vegas all make much more sense.

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