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Packers Roster Poll: Is there a legitimate competition at punter in 2016?

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Green Bay only appears to have one specialist position up for grabs; but will there really be a true competition?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it - the Green Bay Packers have few roster battles among their specialists. To be specific, there's really only one that is possible based on the way the roster currently sits.

That potential battle will take place at the punter position, with incumbent Tim Masthay looking to fend off undrafted rookie Peter Mortell to keep his job. He succeeded in defeating Cody Mandell a year ago, and will look to do so with Mortell this season.

One are where Mandell struggled and where Mortell does not is holding on place-kicks. In fact, Mortell was the self-assigned "Holder of the Year" in the Big Ten in 2015, so that part of his game should be one where he is comfortable and should not represent any downgrade in that area.

So here's the question: is this really, truly a competition? Tell us in the poll below, or click here to open the poll in a new window.