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Cheese Curds, 5/24: Packers practice is open today; Mason Crosby doesn't like touchback rule

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More onside kicks? Green Bay's kicker jokes about it, but it could actually be a possibility.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Green Bay Packers held the first of their Organized Team Activities practices on Monday, Tuesday will be the first time for anyone outside of the organization to actually see what's going on as the team takes practice outside today in front of the public.

Yesterday's session was closed off entirely, even to the media, but today's will be out in the Green Bay sun. Afterwards, head coach Mike McCarthy will hold his first press conference of the spring, and we'll be sure to bring you notes from that discussion.

In today's curds you'll find a couple of breakdowns of storylines to watch in OTAs, and also a discussion of the new kickoff rules from the Packers' kickoff man, Mason Crosby. He has a new strategy for kickoffs this season - or so he said last week.

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Crosby joked that with touchbacks now bringing the ball out to the 25 on kickoffs, teams might as well just onside kick every time.

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With the first open practice of the year starting today, here are a handful of things to keep an eye out for if you'll be in attendance this morning.

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A double dose! 15 is better than 5, right?

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