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Cheese Curds, 5/26: Packers' Offensive Line looks to bounce back from injury-filled 2015

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Green Bay's front line was hit hard by injuries last season, but they hope to bounce back quickly this spring and get back to good health and good form by training camp.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, only one of the Green Bay Packers' starting offensive linemen played every game, and three missed at least three contests. While the team scrambled to adjust to those injuries over the course of the year, it underscored a critical need for this offseason - improved depth on the offensive line.

In the 2016 NFL Draft, Ted Thompson took steps to bolster that depth, and he did so in free agency as well. He added a pair of linemen as draft picks, including a second-rounder, and brought back a pair of reserves from last season in an effort to improve the competition and quality of the players on the second-string unit. Meanwhile, the starters continue to try to rehab and work hard to ensure that they stay healthy moving forward into the 2016 season.

That unit is a focus of today's cheese curds, with two of the formerly-injured players being at the forefront of the links.

Packers' David Bakhtiari ready to get to work |
The left tackle had tears in five ankle ligaments last season, but fought through the injury in the team's final game of the season. He understands why the team moved up to draft a rookie tackle in round two, however, noting that depth is an even bigger concern based on the team's struggles to replace him and Bryan Bulaga when the two tackles were injured.

Corey Linsley the biggest surprise of the 14 Packers not practicing at OTAs - ESPN
Linsley had some ankle issues late last season, but he played the last few games and the injury did not seem to be a long-term issue. We'll monitor his situation as closely as possible over the next few weeks.

Eddie Lacy plans to stay on current path |
Lacy joked that he's "not going to get skinny like James Starks", so don't expect him to ever look truly slim. Still, he's on track to "hit the target," as his head coach phrased it.

The Green Bay Packers’ Backup Quarterbacks Have Been Ridiculous Through the Years | numberFire
This is a cool examination of the Packers' backups over the past 25 years and the success they had both in Green Bay and elsewhere after finding their way to starting jobs in the NFL.

NFL plans to talk with players named in PED report next month -
Those names include current Packers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, as well as free agent and former Packer Mike Neal. There's no word about whether anything will come of this yet, though.

The Bills don't want reporters to report on the Bills -
Former Packers reporter Tyler Dunne is one of the people who is hampered by this policy, which does not allow media to reveal things like which players are on the first and second teams or who is rushing the passer.