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Cheese Curds, 5/27: On Ty Montgomery's slow recovery & Eddie Lacy's workout regimen

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Green Bay's players spent their offseasons doing drastically different things, from rehabbing on an exercise bike to getting in shape with the help of daily show-shoveling contests.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are looking forward to a number of returns this season. By "returns", we mean a few things: one is players returning from injury, while another involves returns to elite form from players who showed it in years past. Often these are related as well - for Aaron Rodgers, for example, his return to MVP form may depend on the return of his receivers and offensive line from injury.

One of the receivers who should help that bounce-back for the Packers' QB is Ty Montgomery, whose 2015 season was wiped out after just six games. He gets examined in today's cheese curds, along with more discussion about the regimen that running back Eddie Lacy used to get himself back into the shape that he displayed in the first two years of his career.

Meanwhile, we also find some interesting or ridiculous notes from OTAs around the NFL, including a report of a team that violated the CBA as well as some of the more bizarre oddities and silly news stories to come out of spring camp.

Packers receiver Ty Montgomery eager to get off sideline |
It was the setback he suffered during last season that is keeping Montgomery sane and patient during his continued absence from the practice field.

Peek at Eddie Lacy's workouts with P90X founder Tony Horton - ESPN
Lacy is a private person, which is why you didn't see much of anything regarding his workout regimen on social media this offseason. Still, here's a look inside the work he put in to get in better shape this offseason.

The truth and myth about 'The Hungry Five' |
While Curly Lambeau belongs in a category all by himself, one of the other four people often associated with the origin of the Packers' first stock sale was added to the narrative later and does not appear to have been involved in the very early days.

Ravens forfeit week of OTAs, fined for violations -
Hey NFL teams: don't wear pads during times when pads aren't allowed, or else you will get fined almost $350,000 and will lose practice time.

The Buccaneers discovering how weather works isn't the only dumb thing from OTAs -
Seriously - the Bucs got all excited about their research which showed that the temperature in Tampa is cooler in the morning than in the afternoon.

Chris Berman is Retiring From ESPN After the 2016 Football Season | The Big Lead
Like him or hate him, Berman has been a staple of NFL coverage for over 30 years. In fact, it's a bit surprising to read that he's only 61 years old - it seems like he's been around forever.