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Packers' Kenny Clark earns 79 overall rating from EA Sports' Madden NFL franchise

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It's a bit early to project what impact first-round picks will have, but that did not stop the top football video game franchise from assigning ratings to the selections.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Although the next edition of the game will not be released until August, the folks over at EA Sports have set up the first-round picks in the 2016 NFL Draft in their "Ultimate Team" feature of Madden NFL 16. This of course means that the Green Bay Packers' first pick, defensive tackle Kenny Clark, had his ratings assigned along with the 30 other players chosen in round one.

After what I'm sure was careful deliberation and consideration of Combine and Pro Day testing scores, college production, and scouting reports, EA has assigned Clark an overall rating of 79, with a speed rating of 67 and an agility score of 65.

I'm sure they didn't just assign the overall ratings based on how high the player was drafted, right? (Pay no mind to the progression through all of the players here. And never mind that Clark ran his 40-yard dash in 5.08 seconds, while Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley ran in 5.18 but has 70 speed.)

The fun news is that if you're playing Madden 16, you now have one member of the 2016 draft class available to you, at least in one mode of the game. So you've got that going for you, which is nice.