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Wikipedia knows who really owns the Chicago Bears: Aaron Rodgers

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Having some fun or spreading the real truth? You be the judge.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The internet is a wonderful and terrifying place, which has the capacity to amaze and amuse. Wikipedia, being part of the internet, is no different. Last night it was amusement on the mind for one Green Bay Packers fan.

Up until Sunday night, somebody on Wikipedia had been foolishly trying to convince the world that Virginia Halas McCaskey was the owner of the Chicago Bears. Packers fans, though, know that isn't the case any more:

In the 16 games between the Packers and Bears in which Aaron Rodgers started and finished the game, Green Bay is 13-3. That includes the 2010 NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field, which the Packers won 21-14 on their way to Super Bowl XLV.

Someone has foolishly changed the WIkipedia entry back, but Packers fans know who really owns that team in the Windy City.