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Let's make 100 bold predictions about the 2016 Green Bay Packers

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There are just 100 days to go until the 2016 season begins! Let's celebrate by making some guesses about what will happen for the Packers this year.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There are exactly 100 days until the 2016 NFL season kicks off. The year will begin much the same as it ended 2015 - with a matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. This time the game will be in Denver and on a Thursday night, however.

With 100 days to go, we thought it would be fun for the APC community if we tried to get 100 predictions for the Green Bay Packers' 2016 today. Consider this your lunch break goal - post one prediction for the season in the comments below and we'll try to revisit these at the end of the season to see whose predictions came true.

We'll get you started with the first 10, and keep it going in the comments with one prediction at a time.

  1. Aaron Rodgers throws for 40 or more touchdowns and 6 or fewer interceptions
  2. Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery each return a kickoff for a touchdown
  3. The Packers will extend the contract of exactly one of the offensive linemen set to hit free agency (Bakhtiari, Sitton, Lang, Tretter) before the season ends
  4. Clay Matthews sets a new career high in sacks (current high is 13.5, set in 2010)
  5. The Packers have only one player top 1,000 receiving yards, but five who have 500 yards or more
  6. Damarious Randall intercepts at least 5 passes
  7. Eddie Lacy rushes for a career-high yardage total
  8. The Packers' defense allows fewer than 100 rushing yards per game
  9. Bryan Bulaga starts all 16 regular-season games
  10. Julius Peppers retires immediately after winning his first Super Bowl

Also, do us a favor and please number your predictions in the comments. Whoever posts #100 will earn our undying respect and admiration!