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Cheese Curds, 5/4: Packers' Ted Thompson took no chances on failing to get "his guy"

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Green Bay chose not to trade back in round one and made a move up in round two in order to make sure they got their targeted players.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers under general manager Ted Thompson have been known to stockpile draft picks, often moving back in the draft to pick up additional selections. This year, however, they did no such thing. Instead, the only trade that Thompson made was to move up in the second round.

This morning, we're learning a little more about the Packers' and Thompson's draft strategy in 2016, and it goes a bit against the traditional narrative of him trying to get as many lottery tickets as he can. There was a legitimate offer on the table to move back out of round one, but instead the team stayed put and got a player who can only be described as "Ted Thompson's guy." Then, there was the trade up to get Jason Spriggs, whom Thompson also admitted was their top target in that round.

All in all, it's rare for the Packers' GM to admit what he did this year - even he admitted it on Thursday night when he realized that he told the media that he was not personally in attendance at his first pick's Pro Day. Read on for more below.

Thompson sheds little light on Packers' draft |
Ted's dance with the media is at its peak during the draft, when he speaks three times, once each day. This year, he opened up a little more than usual, noting that he was "really zoned in on" Jason Spriggs in round two, and that once he targets a player, "it's hard to get me off of it."

NFL draft excitement is contagious but results are crapshoot | The MMQB
According to Peter King, the Packers were discussing a trade back with the Cowboys, but they didn't want to move back seven spots and risk losing Kenny Clark in exchange for just a fourth-round pick. This is another example of Thompson not wavering or taking a chance on losing his guy.

'Football for Dummies' not the Green Bay Packers' way - ESPN
The Packers' draft choices this year bring plenty of smarts to the game - that's something that Blake Martinez in particular prides himself on, along with his meticulous note-taking for all of his opponents.

Competition will be fierce at Packers WR position |
The only true locks at this point at the position are Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb; behind them, it's still likely that Ty Montgomery and Davante Adams make the team, but they will still need to prove that they belong on the 53-man roster.

Green and Bold: The Future Star of the Packers' Draft Class | Cheesehead TV
Perhaps this pick is a surprise, but the choice here is third-round pick Kyler Fackrell. He'll be put in a great position, learning for a year behind a slew of veterans before likely being asked to take over in 2017.

The NFL writer who literally ate his bad predictions explains himself -
Fiber is important in any diet, and Josh Norris has been getting plenty of it in the form of paper that he's eating by virtue of his failed guesses about the draft.