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2016 Packers roster poll: Which quarterbacks are likely to make the 53-man roster?

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APC wants your input - give us your impressions of the chances that each quarterback on the 90-man roster has of making the 53.

Packers QB Ryan Williams
Packers QB Ryan Williams
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the next few weeks as we examine the Green Bay Packers' 90-man roster, we are going to ask for your input on this year's group. The Packers can carry only 53 players on the roster in the regular season, and each player (save for the few players who are essentially locked in) has a different chance of being one of those 53.

Today is quarterbacks day, so we will ask you all to judge those four players on their likelihood of making the roster out of training camp. We ask you to assume that there will be no injuries, and to vote with your opinions about each player as of this exact point in the offseason - prior to the start of OTAs and minicamp.

We will reveal the results of your voting on two groups - offense and defense - before we wrap up the predictions as a whole. We will also revisit these later on this offseason and when the final 53-man roster is announced in early September.

For now, please give us your opinions on the Packers' quarterbacks below. If the form does not work for you below, please click here to access it.