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Cheese Curds, 6/1: Rodgers/Favre/Starr picture exists; Adams and Jones hope for breakout

What will Aaron Rodgers do with himself when his career is over? What is Davante Adams doing to make his third year successful? Read today's Cheese Curds to find out.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers fans have been waiting years for a chance to see the trio of Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers together at once. Last season was the first realistic chance for that to happen, but unfortunately with one of those quarterbacks playing in the game, there was no time for a quick meeting between all three of them during the game. However, don't lose hope, because in today's curds, we have news that something indeed happened that day and that there may be opportunities to see those three together after all.

Meanwhile, we find news of several different players looking at their NFL careers in very different ways. One is discussing what he might do when his playing days are over; another is entering a contract year at a new position; still others are learning the ropes of the offense and hoping for breakout seasons.

And finally, we have the start of the second week of OTAs for the Packers today, which will kick off with a closed practice. Thursday's practice should be open to the public, however, so stay tuned tomorrow for updates from Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers thinks 15 + 4 + 12 equals awesome Packers' QB picture - ESPN
One of the big items of speculation around Brett Favre's return last Thanksgiving was whether the three legendary quarterbacks would get together for a a photo op. They weren't able to do so on the field, but apparently they did before kickoff and the team is working on what to do with the photo.

Packers' Aaron Rodgers wants to produce documentaries when career ends - ESPN
Apparently Rodgers has always been a fan of the film genre, and he's hoping that his connections through girlfriend Olivia Munn might help open up some opportunities in that area.

New season awaits a stronger Davante Adams |
Adams admits that he "wasn't proud" of how his 2015 went down. Now bigger and stronger, especially in his upper body, he has his sights set on a true breakout season.

Packers' Datone Jones relishing opportunities on, and off, the field |
Jones went through a position switch partway through the 2015 season, but that was hardly the biggest change in his life last year - he also got married and had a child. Now he's able to absorb his new responsibilities better than he could during the season and he's ready for added pressure on all fronts.

Brett Hundley keeps competitive in backup role |
Footwork is one area that Hundley needs to work on, according to QB coach Alex Van Pelt, but the coach also says that the young backup "has shown tremendous strides since last year."

5 NFL owners weigh in on Las Vegas, concerns more about local support than gambling - Silver And Black Pride
As expected, it's not gambling that's the problem for owners at this point. The biggest question is whether the Vegas market would actually support the team.