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Aaron Rodgers named Packers’ top social media presence by ESPN

This probably should come as no surprise, but the two-time MVP has a bigger social impact than any of his teammates.

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Those who follow Aaron Rodgers on Twitter know that he is active only during the offseason. However, those who follow him know that he is one of the most entertaining players to use a keyboard or smartphone, and that his wit and cleverness are on display regularly.

It should come as no surprise then that Rodgers was named as the Packers’ “social media star” by ESPN.

The list, which includes players like the Bears’ Kyle Long, Houston's J.J. Watt, and the Colts’ Pat McAfee, identifies one player from each franchise as the best presence across all social networks. Rodgers’ is more than just a Twitter presence, however, as he regularly makes appearances on associated social accounts, such as Olivia Munn’s. His new dog Frankie even has his own Instagram feed.

Here’s some of the explanation of the choice from ESPN’s Rob Demovsky:

The Packers QB is easily the most creative -- if not selective -- social media star on Green Bay's roster. His photobombing of the game captain photos that are posted on have been a hit for years. And he even took to Twitter to call out someone who wrote a letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying he was ruining the game with his hard counts. He's also fond of taking playful jabs at former teammate Tom Crabtree, himself a social media star both during and after his playing days.

I’ll second the mention of Tom Crabtree - Twitter is at its best when those two start making fun of each other for their musical tastes or other qualities. Furthermore, Rodgers’ making Dick Klatt from Big Bend a household name among Packers fans speaks to the impact that he can have on social media. Rodgers has been a guest on a number of different podcasts this year as well, ranging from the “You Made It Weird” show with comedian Pete Holmes to A.J. Hawk’s “Hawkcast.”

However, let's not forget about all the good that Rodgers does with his presence. He’s reguarly promoting the MACC Fund, one of his favorite charities, as well as other noble causes.

In short, Rodgers certainly is the right choice for this distinction, for a variety of reasons unrelated to the fact that he is the team's starting quarterback.