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Cheese Curds, 6/14: Shields needs to be vocal leader & how will defenses attack Packers?

There's no way to know just how NFL teams will defend the Green Bay offense in 2016 until we reach week one, but the coaches will prepare for all possibilities.

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Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have plenty of vocal leaders on both sides of the ball. Aaron Rodgers certainly fills that role on the offense, and is not afraid to pull a young player aside to discuss their work. On defense, Mike Daniels' voice seems to rule the sideline, with Clay Matthews and others providing leadership as well.

One player who has never been boisterous in his career is seventh-year corner Sam Shields, and he now finds himself in a tough spot and likely will be forced to go outside his comfort zone when dealing with the young players at his position. Expect that to be a tough task for the reserved Shields, who famously doesn't say "more than two words."

Meanwhile in today's curds we find an examination of how the Packers' opponents may plan to approach defending Aaron Rodgers and company now that he should have a more complete set of receivers at his disposal and a more effective running game. Check out all that and more below, and follow along here as we bring you news from the Packers' first minicamp practice of the week later today.

Rodgers curious to see opposing defensive looks |
After seeing mostly single safety alignments in 2015 with no receiver capable of challenging the deep middle of the field, it's tough to say how opposing teams will line up on defense against the Packers this year.

'Silent' Sam Shields might become more vocal for Green Bay Packers - ESPN
Even last year, when Shields was the oldest guy in the cornerbacks room, he deferred to Casey Hayward to speak up. Now he might not have a choice with Hayward departed and only Demetri Goodson (and Micah Hyde if you count him as a corner) joining him in having more than one year of experience in the NFL.

Jermichael Finley runs a new route in life |
Finley has returned to his home state of Texas after collecting his insurance policy, and though he has repaired some relationships (like the one with Aaron Rodgers), he's not yet truly at peace.

I Believe in Davante Adams | Cheesehead TV
This seems like an unpopular opinion at this point, but I still steadfastly agree that Adams' ankle injury was a significant issue all season long and that he probably should have sat out more to allow it to heal.

Former Bears defensive lineman Bryan Robinson dies at 41 -
Robinson was found in a motel room in Milwaukee, and the cause has not yet been released.

What would the NFL lose by eliminating kickoffs? | The Ringer
The so-called "most dangerous play in football" is certainly headed the way of the dodo, with touchbacks coming out to the 25. At least, that will be the case until special teams coaches start instructing their kickers to kick the ball to the goal line and maximize hang-time, which is probably coming in week one.