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Cheese Curds, 6/16: Packers improve by asking questions, Hundley is ready to win

The QB who celebrated a birthday at practice yesterday is instilling confidence in his coaching staff.

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Today marks the final day of the Green Bay Packers' offseason workout schedule, and following practice will be the beginning of the team's five-plus week layoff before training camp begins. For veterans, of course, the layoff began early as several players were excused from the week's events.

One player who was not, however, was second-year quarterback Brett Hundley, who led what remained of the first-team offense yesterday. Hundley has looked mostly very impressive once again this spring, and his position coach is confident in his ability to go out and fill in for Aaron Rodgers if needed this season. He still has work to do, to be sure, but another training camp and a lengthy look in the preseason once again should be enough to make Packers fans feel that way too.

Meanwhile, the theme of the Packers' locker room this offseason seems to be questions. Individual young players have questions for veterans, while entire position groups are getting the opportunity to ask questions of position coaches from the other side of the football. The football IQ in the locker room clearly seems to be increasing, and with it will hopefully come continued success on the field.

Keep it here for our usual practice thread later today and also stay tuned for an exclusive interview with a Packers player which will post after practice wraps up.

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