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Cheese Curds, 6/2: Rodgers improves diet, Gunter to get opportunities in the slot

Green Bay's veteran QB is adjusting his approach to food as he ages while a young cornerback is learning a new position this offseason.

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The Green Bay Packers are no strangers to change. That has been demonstrated in particular over the past few offseasons, as the front office has let a handful of long-tenured veterans go, whether by granting them their outright release or choosing not to re-sign them in free agency.

Doing so has left quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a bit of a difficult situation. Some of his closest friends on the team are now gone, so he has been forced to adapt his approach to building relationships in order to connect with younger players - as you'll see in today's Cheese Curds. As he has gotten older, he is also re-evaluating his diet to make sure he can stay effective on the field and in the weight room.

Another area of change is on the field, where the team's coaching staff has been unafraid to give players new responsibilities and try them out at new positions. In 2014 and 2015 the story was about Clay Matthews moving inside from the edge. This year, it's a move inside that is intriguing, but it's a defensive back instead who is going to earn some opportunities in the slot in order to find ways to get him on the field more often on defense. Our fingers are crossed that LaDarius Gunter can have half the career of fellow undrafted corner Sam Shields, whether that comes inside or on the boundary.

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Sure, Rodgers eating cleaner is a story, but the big news is that he orders the same thing I do when at In-N-Out!

Rodgers filling enhanced leadership role |
Is it tough being in a room with a bunch of kids born in the 1990s? "It's weird," Rodgers says, but he knows that with several of his longtime teammates departing over the past two seasons, he needs to take it upon himself to develop relationships with the new guys in the locker room.

The Rock Report: The more you can do |
LaDarius Gunter played exclusively on the boundary in 2015, but CBs coach Joe Whitt plans to give Gunter opportunities in the slot as well this season.

Wolf was a master at bridging the gap |
If you're like me, you either don't remember or had forgotten about a few of these quiet, under-the-radar signings from the 1990s, but they helped the Packers avoid disaster while developing their own young players into big factors a few years later.

Miller Park to host special dinner for Brett Favre |
The proceeds for this event - which costs $250 a head - will go to Favre's charity foundation.

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In this universe, Tim Tebow plays an extra year in Denver, Geno Smith is drafted by the Broncos, and Marcus Mariota ends up with the Jets, while the Titans have a couple of uninspiring playoff appearances and are left in QB purgatory, much like the Broncos are in the real world (except for how Denver got a Super Bowl win out of the deal).