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Cheese Curds, 6/22: Barrington preps for bounce-back, are Packers or Vikes class of the North?

As one Packer tries to return to the field, the defending NFC North champs try to assert themselves as a true long-term power in the division.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are preparing for the return of numerous players from injured reserve, and one of the most critical is inside linebacker Sam Barrington. The fourth-year player is looking for his first full season as a starter, and his rehab is a topic in today's cheese curds.

As Barrington works hard to return to the field along with his teammates, the Minnesota Vikings are eyeing up another NFC North title in 2016. Whether they truly have supplanted the Packers as the top team in the North for good is up for debate, at least according to some writers, but a healthy Green Bay squad should at the very least contend for the division title once again.

Sam Barrington seeing the big picture |
After losing his season to a foot injury in week one, Barrington did all the right things: remaining in Green Bay with the team to rehab, pursuing charity work, and staying sharp mentally. All of that should bode well for his return to a prominent role on the inside of the defense this season.

Packers have $8.999 million in cap space after signing draft class - ESPN
They couldn't have saved $870 and made it an even $9 million? Jeez, Ted, where are your priorities?

NFC North Q&A: Green Bay Packers or Minnesota Vikings division kings? - ESPN
Even the Vikings blogger admits that winning the North once does not signify a changing of the guard - they'll need to do it again this year to imply that they're truly the class of the division.

A.P.: 'Boring' offseason grind could lead to early exit -
Speaking of the Vikings, here are some comments from Adrian Peterson about how he thinks he'll retire because of mental fatigue rather than physical decline.

'Sunday Night Football' gets new theme song |
Well at least we can go back to listening to Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You" without hearing "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night." If that's a plus for you, of course.

Michael Oher re-signed with the Panthers and his teammates celebrated with ‘The Blind Side’ GIFs -
He’ll never live it down, even though he's tried to distance himself at least somewhat from the film. We're betting that after a big contract, it's not that big a deal for him.