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Cheese Curds, 6/29: NFLPA to fight Matthews/Peppers interviews; Packers too popular for UK game

If you think the Players' Union is going to just roll over and let the league grill a couple of its members about some tenuous (at best) allegations, think again.

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Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers' 2016 offseason has been a largely quiet one, and has seen just a single significant off-the-field storyline affecting the roster, a welcome change from 2015 which featured a couple of arrests. No, this year's story is not even a story, according to the NFL Players Association - it centers around the performance-enhancing drug allegations against Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers in a report from last fall published by Al-Jazeera America.

Now that the NFL has informed the affected players that it intends to interview them at training camp, the union is getting involved. Furthermore, based on a thorough reading of the league's Collective Bargaining Agreement, it seems to us that the document - for once - supports the union's stance that the league does not have enough grounds to force the players to submit to these interviews.

On a lighter note, a few Packers have expressed a desire to play in one of the league's London games over the past year or two, and the best opportunity seemed to be this season, as Green Bay has to play a road game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the strong fan support shown by the Packers actually worked against them as far as that desire is concerned. Check out these items and more in today's Cheese Curds.

Plain language of PED policy cuts against NFL’s attempt to interview players | ProFootballTalk
The NFLPA will likely insist that the league impose discipline (if it intends to) and let the players appeal, since nothing in the CBA seems to allow them to force Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and the other players implicated by the Al Jazeera report to submit to interviews.

George Atallah of NFL Players Association questions evidence to back NFL probe into Al-Jazeera America report |
Indeed, the Union is asserting that the league has no grounds on which to force the players to conduct these interviews.

School still in session for Packers' second-year cornerbacks
The trio of Randall, Rollins, and Gunter were called upon early and often as rookies, but as second-year players they will be counted on to do much more and become the backbone of the defense.

Too popular stateside at home or away, Packers bide time for international invite - ESPN
Instead of playing the Jaguars in the UK this year, the Packers get to travel to the humid Jacksonville area in week one. Why? Because Packers fans travel too well.

Green and Bold: Don't Sleep on John Crockett | Cheesehead TV
One of the 2015 draft class's more explosive athletes and one who put up ridiculous college numbers, Crockett is eagerly awaiting more work; the question is does he project out as a legitimate #2 running back, or is he destined for a role as a #3?

Cassidy Kaminski scouting any and all paths to NFL |
Don't be surprised if you hear this name in the coming years. The 20-something scout who now works in australian rules football got his start in scouting thanks to John Dorsey, the former Packers exec, who would frequent the gas station Kaminski worked at.

Maurice Jones-Drew gained 5 yards 5 years ago and it completely changed the NFL -
This illustration of the butterfly effect shows how Andrew Luck could have ended up as a member of the Browns.

Former NFL coach Buddy Ryan dies at age 85 -
Ryan coached the 1985 Bears' defense, and has received nothing but praise and sympathy over the past few days. We wish the best to the entire Ryan family through this ordeal.