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Cheese Curds, 6/3: Matthews happy to be back outside; Cobb won't wear a mic again

Green Bay's top pass-rusher is back where he belongs, and one of their best wideouts isn't about to forget how he got hurt at the end of the season.

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Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

On-field microphones have become fairly commonplace around the NFL. The audio they record is frequently used in highlight packages, NFL Films productions, and other forms of replays within a season and well after the games are played. But the wearing of those mics can come with a price, as the Green Bay Packers' Randall Cobb learned all too well in a playoff game in Arizona.

It's a bit surprising to us that this story has not garnered more league-wide attention - a star receiver was knocked out of a game - a playoff game, mind you - because of an injury almost certainly caused by his mic's battery pack. Now, he's speaking out about it and is making it clear about where he stands on the question of wearing those mics.

In more positive news, a six-time Pro Bowler has moved back to the position where he earned five of those honors. Clay Matthews' return to the outside linebacker position is another big topic in today's curds, as you'll see below.

Clay Matthews loves playing on the edge |
Although he appreciates all that he learned playing on the inside over the past year and a half, Matthews is back where he feels most "natural."

Matthews spending ‘majority’ of time at OLB |
That's the message from Mike McCarthy, who says that it's not really a "transition" for his star pass-rusher to return to his old spot.

Ripkowski could take over at fullback if Packers don't re-sign Kuhn |
This is a fascinating headline, considering the facts that Kuhn remains un-signed with two open roster spots available and that McCarthy said last week that the team is moving on with the players on the roster.

Packers Cautious With Early Praise | Cheesehead TV
Perhaps this is a good thing this spring - last year, Davante Adams garnered massive recognition for his offseason work, but this year the team is much more low-key about bragging about early performances, at least publicly.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb vows never to wear microphone during game | ESPN
Cobb's great catch in Arizona was marred by his injury and a penalty, and his quarterback is standing up for him as well. I expect that Cobb isn't the only player who will make this decision in the future, even if he's the only Packer in recent memory to have an injury that was suspected to be a direct result of doing so.

Allen Hurns signs 4-year, $40M extension with Jaguars -
That's Randall Cobb money, and we were a bit staggered by that deal until we realized two things. First, Hurns' 2015 was only a bit less impressive than Cobb's 2014; second, the continual salary cap increase makes that dollar amount less impactful on the team's overall cap. The one reason it's still a surprise is that Hurns would have remained under team control at a bargain price for the next two years.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher, And The QB Of The Future That Never Is - Turf Show Times
Can we all be grateful that the Packers don't have a coach who makes speeches like this and don't have turmoil at the quarterback position?