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Someone hacked the NFL's Twitter account and said Roger Goodell was dead

There has been yet another ridiculous social media event surrounding the NFL.

Maybe it's not just a case of needing stronger passwords.

This offseason has been chaos when it comes to social media and the NFL. The situation revolving around top NFL Draft prospect Laremy Tunsil likely contributed to his fall out of the top 10 in this year's draft. Tunsil's Twitter and Instagram accounts were reportedly hacked and a video was posted showing him smoking what appeared to be marijuana while wearing a gas mask.

Today, someone went for a much higher-profile target: the Twitter account of the NFL itself. The league's account was hacked and sent the following tweet at about 11:30 AM Central time today:

This is a fairly impressive feat, as it is likely that the league would have a robust password on its account (if not, it would show gross ignorance or arrogance on the NFL's part). Still, somebody got in and wanted to stir up some craziness - and apparently they succeeded.

The league has of course deleted the tweet since its appearance, and their public relations director clarified that Goodell is indeed not dead:

While this does not directly harm anyone, it still is a bad look for the league. Let's hope that nothing like this happens to the Packers' Twitter account any time soon.

Here's a question for you: if you had hacked into the NFL's account and had 140 characters to say whatever you want, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.