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Cheese Curds, 6/9: Perry is finally healthy, Mayock's mock led to Rodgers pick, no more hoodies

In today's links, we find that Green Bay's 2012 first-round pick is healthy for the first time in forever and the No Fun League strikes again.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have several players who are limited with injuries during OTAs this year. One name that has been a staple on the injury list the past few years, however, is Nick Perry, and he is conspicuous by his absence on that list and his presence on the field this spring.

Perry's opportunity to go through an entire spring practice season is the first of his career, and so far he appears to be showing the form that made him a first-round pick. We'll be excited to see him in minicamp next week and again when training camp begins in July.

Also in today's cheese curds, we find a story from Seahawks GM John Schneider (who worked in the Packers front office before moving to Seattle) about the drafting of Aaron Rodgers in 2005. Specifically, the story delves into how a mock draft made the team realize that they needed to do some research on the future Super Bowl MVP.

Enjoy today's news; that is, except for the final tidbit, which is just another example of the NFL having no appreciation for fun and amusing things.

How a 2005 NFL mock draft helped the Packers get Aaron Rodgers | FOX Sports
Just two days before the 2005 draft, John Schneider and Ted Thompson saw a Mike Mayock mock that had Rodgers falling to 24. That's when they realized that it was possible, and they spent the next two days getting up to speed on the California QB before picking him just as Mayock had predicted.

Covering new ground: Green Bay Packers' Nick Perry going through OTAs - ESPN
It's a bit astounding that Perry - now entering his fifth year in the NFL - has never participated in a full offseason program before. It has been injuries to his wrist, his foot, and his shoulder that kept him out the last several years, but Perry is finally fully healthy for the spring and looks to have a big 2016.

David Bakhtiari has the Toughest Road Ahead of him of Packers' Offensive Linemen | Cheesehead TV
CTV argues that of the Packers' top four free agent linemen, Bakhtiari should be fourth in priority due to Pro Bowl-caliber play from Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang and the versatility that JC Tretter brings (and also having a potential heir apparent waiting in the wings in Jason Spriggs). What say you?

Packers photography has been all in the family |
Jim Biever has been the Packers' team photographer since 1997, but he started working on the sidelines with his dad in the 1970s. He called the young version of himself a "snot-nose kid," in regards to not appreciating that opportunity. Biever is stepping down now, after a nearly 20-year tenure and thousands of remarkable photos.

RGIII is deliberately throwing the ball at people's garages to prove he's 'coachable' -
Apparently this is his way of showing that he can adapt his game and learn to throw the ball away instead of take big hits.

Von Miller rejects Broncos' contract offer of $114.5M -
Being the highest-paid non-quarterback apparently isn't enough for Miller. The Broncos are probably fine with paying him $14 million this season on the franchise tag, and I have a hard time seeing them increasing that offer.

Finally, we have this new rule change that was approved by the No Fun League on Wednesday. One of the things that made James Jones so much fun last year is going away, and both Randall Cobb and Davante Adams will have to put their hoodies away as well.