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2016 Packers Roster Predictions: Only two quarterbacks make the 53

It should come as no surprise, but we expect the Packers to carry just one backup behind Aaron Rodgers this season.

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

While we discussed earlier today the battle for the third quarterback job in Green Bay, the Packers have in recent years been content to enter the season with just two players at that position on the 53-man roster. With only two quarterbacks established, it would be logical to assume that this will be the case again in 2016.

Acme Packing Company has made our roster predictions for 2016, and we are indeed expecting just two players at the quarterback position to make the 53. Whichever of the two young players wins the third-string battle will likely be left off the active roster and would instead be stashed on the practice squad in case of emergency.

Here is how we see the depth chart and roster shaking out at quarterback following the Packers’ 2016 Training Camp.

Starter: Aaron Rodgers

It’s probably completely unnecessary to even say this, but we’ll set the format here that we will follow in future posts when there is more uncertainty about the predictions. Barring injury (*knock on wood*) Rodgers will start, play, and should be back to his MVP form in 2016.

Backup: Brett Hundley

As with Rodgers, Hundley is a lock for the roster. He should get plenty of playing time in the preseason to demonstrate that his good performance last summer as a rookie was no fluke. With a more complete grasp of the offense, Hundley should serve as an excellent backup to Rodgers.

To be released

Marquise Williams, Joe Callahan

As we mentioned above, the third-string QB will likely be placed on the practice squad, and our projections for that unit will be announced following the completion of our active roster predictions. However, currently our leaning is towards Williams, as his athleticism and arm strength appear to be better than Callahan’s. However, a good month of studying the offense and a good performance in training camp can absolutely swing the pendulum back in Callahan’s favor.

Stay tuned as we analyze the running backs and fullbacks on Tuesday!